Low Carb Baking Just Got Serious.

With the new Seriously Low Carb baking range, you can create delicious food to suit your diet.

Ditching carbs doesn’t have to mean a life without bread, pizza and baked goodies (Seriously?)

It’s all good with our new low-carb range! A healthier and easy-to-prepare alternative to your conventional pantry staples. It’s loaded with good stuff, like protein and fibre, while containing less of the bad stuff, like sugar and sodium.

Oh, and it tastes great. Seriously

Check out the range...

Low Carb Baked Goods? Yes indeed!  With this self raising flour, you can make a huge range of baked goods just like regular SR flour. Pancakes, muffins, cakes or anything else that demands an airy lift.

Baking low-carb bread can often be a case of trial and error. With this seeded bread mix, you can freshly bake loaves and buns until your heart’s content whilst keeping those carbs at bay. 

Chocolate cake doesn't need to be reserved for sugar indulgences only. This cake mix is all you need to achieve chocolate cake nirvana in the kitchen without the sugar spike.

Few can resist the temptation of a vanilla cake (or cupcake). This baking mix creates a moist, decadent vanilla cake that can also double as a mouth-watering trifle base.  

Seriously Low Carb.

Take control of your nutrition with the new Seriously Low Carb baking mix range. The perfect building block for low-carb baking.

A healthier everyday alternative, a good source of fibre with fewer carbs.

Suitable for low-carb and Keto diets.

High in protein and fibre.

Gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and nut free.

Suggested Recipes

HPLC Savoury Muffins

25-30 min

Farm Style Seeded Bread

45-50 min

Fluffy Pancakes

10-15 min

Chocolate Cup Cakes

35-45 min

Indulgent Vanilla Cake

40-50 min

Sesame Crackers

15-20 min


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